Of the five great ninja villages, Leaf is the strongest, there is no debate. However, there is one place that even the ninja of the Leaf village fear. The Village hidden in the Mist. No one knows what goes on there, or why such a small village is considered one of the strongest. The few that have come in contact with them in wartime and lived to talk about it have a nickname for the place; The Bloody Mist.

This is a campaign set in the Mist village around 12 years before the start of the Naruto manga, using the Naruto d20 campaign setting (http://www.narutod20.com). It began around two years ago, as a way to beat boredom, because the power was out.

It is currently on a sort of a forced hiatus, as our busy schedules allow less time to play.

Bloody Mist Chronicles

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